Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bret Michaels: The E! True Hollywood Story

One-Hour Episode Offers Unprecedented Access into Bret Michaels' Life, Featuring Exclusive New Interviews with the Poison Frontman, His Family, Childhood Friends and Personal Colleagues

Bret Michaels is rock's latest master of reinvention. As lead vocalist for the glam-metal band Poison, Michaels secured a place in heavy metal history, but his current role as rocker with a heart of tarnished gold on the "Rock Of Love" reality series has earned Bret a brand-new generation of fans. Now, True Hollywood Story delivers an all-access pass to Michaels' surprising life story, revealing his rise from rat-infested Hollywood apartments to stadiums packed with screaming fans.

In an exclusive new interview, Michaels turns rock and roll clich├ęs upside down and speaks candidly about his life-long struggle with diabetes, several failed romances and his determination never to become a "has-been." In addition, Michaels' father Wally Sychak, former Poison guitarist Blues Saraceno and many other first-hand witnesses to Bret's journey offer personal insights into the real man behind the rock star.

THS: Bret Michaels features rare performance video of Poison's earliest incarnation, called "Paris," and never-before-seen photos and home video from Michaels' childhood. The special also includes intimate footage of Michaels' tearful introduction to his daughter Raine Elizabeth – straight from the hospital delivery room. Plus, tracks from Bret's solo albums layered throughout the episode are sure to bring viewers to their feet. "Bret Michaels: The E! True Hollywood Story" premieres Friday, March 6 at 9pm ET/PT on E!